Sam Altman, Head of OpenAI, has confirmed that the development of GPT-5 is currently on hold

Sam Altman interview

OpenAI has not yet begun training its GPT-5 language model, even after months of the company promising to "pause for some time" in regards to the GPT-4. This statement was made by Sam Altman, the creator of a chatbot. He explains that they require additional work before launching the GPT-5 model. Although they are developing new ideas that they believe are necessary for its implementation, they "are not even close to starting [development]".

In late March, over 1,100 prominent figures, including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, signed an open letter urging AI developers to "cease training of any AI systems that are capable of generating deceptive, biased, or abusive language" for at least six months. A few weeks later, the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, explained that the letter was missing most of the technical details regarding where they should "pause" and announced that GPT-5 was not being developed and would not be for the time being.

Prior to this issue, Altman had stated that OpenAI was against regulating small AI startups. "We've only called for regulation of ourselves and larger players," he said.

In mid-May, Altman spoke to the United States Senate, urging for stricter regulation of AI technology, which has become a source of ethical and legal issues, as well as undermining national security.