A new type of funeral In Britain - dissolving the body in alkaline solution

Dissolving the body in alkaline solution

In the UK, Funeralcare, the largest funeral bureau, has introduced a new form of eco-friendly burial - resomation. This method involves dissolving the body in an alkaline solution at 160 °C, transforming the remains into a liquid. Resomation produces half the carbon emissions compared to cremation.

The remaining bones after resomation are pulverized into powder and returned to the relatives, while the liquid is drained into the sewage system - it is harmless. Funeralcare has obtained official permission for this practice. Dissolved bodies are regarded as "commercial wastewater," similar to laundry water.

Environmental activists consider resomation the most "gentle to both the deceased and nature" method of burial. It is permitted in the USA, Canada, and South Africa.