A man who fathered 600 children continues to donate sperm


He wasn't even stopped by legal action: a man who fathered 600 children continues to donate sperm.

A Dutch man previously reported by TheTrendaholic and dubbed the Sperminator for fathering over 600 children is continuing to donate his sperm despite a legal ban. Jonathan Jacob Meijer was officially banned from donating sperm in April 2023.

He was also required to contact all the clinics he had ever worked with and request the destruction of his samples except for biological material reserved for parents who already had children with him. For each subsequent "donation," he faces a fine of up to €100,000.

Jonathan YouTube speech

During the legal proceedings, it was revealed that roughly 375 of Meijer's children live in the Netherlands, 80 in Germany, 35 in Belgium, four in Argentina, and two in Australia. Meijer began his career as a sperm donor in 2007, registering with 11 clinics as well as the sperm bank Cryos and joined social media groups on the theme.

For 16 years, he deceived everyone by promising exclusive partnerships with each clinic while telling mothers that he had fathered around ten children.

By the way, Jonathan has his own channel on YouTube which you can follow: https://www.youtube.com/user/JonathanJacobMeijer