Gigi Hadid shared some shots from her new photoshoot

Gigi Hadid shared some shots from her new photoshoot
Guest In Residence photo

Gigi Hadid, 28, starred in an advertising campaign for her new knitwear brand Guest In Residence. In one of the photos, the model is captured sitting on a toilet barrel. The runway star was dressed in sand-colored cashmere pants and a tiny black bra, over which she threw a black cardigan. Gigi Hadid styled her hair in Hollywood waves and opted for a light nude makeup look.

Gigi Hadid launched the Guest In Residence cashmere clothing brand in September 2022, where she serves as the creative director. The brand positions itself as a producer of affordable cashmere garments for a wide range of people. The first collection included joggers, hoodies, scarves, tops, and other items, with most of them priced under $400.

In early July, Gigi Hadid was arrested for possession of marijuana. The model, along with her friend Leah Nicole McCarthy, arrived on a private plane from the United States to the Cayman Islands. Customs officers at the airport scanned Hadid's luggage and found a small amount of marijuana. The runway star was released on bail of $1,000.