Stella McCartney faced criticism for her horseback photoshoot

Stella McCartney faced criticism for her horseback photoshoot

Stella McCartney faced criticism from the public after revealing images from the advertising campaign for her brand's new collection. The campaign featured model Kendall Jenner, who posed alongside white horses trained by French equestrian Jean-François Pignon, known for his "liberty training" method. One of the photos captured the model naked, lying on a horse.

Internet users criticized Stella McCartney for using animals in the campaign:

"You made the horses feel uncomfortable in the presence of lights, cameras, and noise. Horses don't get paid and don't have the right to choose their work," "I love this brand, its mission, and vision, but I don't consider this campaign appropriate. We should protect animals and nature, and this is a celebration of vulgarity and nudity," "This supports the exploitation of horses. You're promoting something that many of your fans consider cruel treatment of animals," users expressed their opinions.

Stella McCartney is an esteemed figure in the fashion world, renowned for her commitment to sustainability and ethical design principles. Her collections reflect a blend of minimalist elegance and innovative materials, challenging the norms of the industry. McCartney's brand stands as a testament to the fact that style and eco-consciousness can coexist harmoniously.