In the future, aircraft with only one pilot may become a reality

Emirates plane

The President of Emirates, Tim Clark, declared that Artificial Intelligence will have a major impact on the aviation industry and make it possible for single-pilot planes to exist in the future. As reported by CNBC, he said: "Many people worry about what AI should and shouldn't do... but if you are in business and something as powerful as this (AI) comes along and you are very process oriented then it takes time to assess - do you need it or not." At the same time, Clark encourages people not to fear AI but instead "tame" it.

According to Clark, passengers feel more secure when there are two pilots on board the plane. However, until we see single-pilot planes powered by Artificial Intelligence, it is unlikely that the Emirates CEO will see them in his lifetime. Therefore, the aviation industry must consider the changes that come with Artificial Intelligence carefully and develop efficient strategies to ensure safety for passengers and crew. Additionally, AI can help make flights more fuel-efficient, reduce waiting times at airports and improve passenger experience overall. This will help airlines stay competitive and provide a better service to their customers. Ultimately, this technology has great potential when used wisely and with caution. It remains to be seen how far Artificial Intelligence can take us in the future of air travel. As more advances in the industry are made, only time will tell.