Main trends for sunglasses in summer 2023

Today, sunglasses are not only a necessary accessory to protect your eyes from the sun's rays. They can also be used to add a finishing touch or become the main focus of an outfit. However, it isn't always easy to find a pair that is just right for both face shape and style. What should be taken into consideration when selecting the ultimate summer accessory?

Different selection criteria

When choosing glasses frames, the first thing to consider is comfort. The style may be important, but if they will constantly fall off and hurt your nose bridge, the accessory won’t bring any pleasure. Pay attention to how you feel when trying them on – if uncomfortable, look for another model.

Protective Properties
Sunglasses should not only look stylish but also protect your eyes from bright rays. Make sure the frames fit snugly to your face so that no light can hit it from the sides or top. Give attention to ultraviolet protection standards – for example, four levels of protection on European scale with zero meaning complete absence and 7 being the maximum.

Quality and Color of Lenses
When choosing sunglasses, don’t forget about lenses. The coating must provide maximum protection – even if the frames are stylish, but lenses let in UV rays, the effect will be nullified. Choose quality lenses – both plastic and glass ones – that won’t distort the image or compromise visibility. Prices usually reflect quality, so be ready to pay more for better results.

Color variety of lenses. Different shades have different effects

These lenses have the highest level of light absorption, reduce the brightness of rays, and are suitable for driving a car and doing sports outdoors in sunny weather.

These lenses improve image contrast by blocking the blue part of the spectrum but distort colors slightly. They are used for various activities like cycling, water sports, golfing, and fishing.

These lenses are ideal in low light conditions but dull colors. They can be used for summer outdoor sports and often chosen by snowboarders and skiers in winter.

These lenses prevent glare while retaining color and contrast, and are used for playing golf and baseball.

These lenses perfectly preserve the contrast of the image in conditions of bright sun, but they also cause color distortion. They are used in cycling and water sports as well.

How to find your shape

The topic of linearity is complex and has been explored in great detail by academics such as David Kibby and Dwyn Larson. There are two primary types of lines in human appearance: hard (sharp) and soft (rounded). Most often, people have a combination of the two. If the line is dominant, it will be more noticeable. Sharpness can be seen in the shape of the nose, eyes, lips (with a crisp tick), chin line, and brow. Softness can also be present here. The line rarely appears distinctively clear-cut. When it does stand out, sharp frames tend to look more natural.

If your appearance is dominated by rounded lines, you will likely have soft lips (plump, without a clear tick), rounded eyebrows and eyes, and a round chin line. In this case, aviator frames are likely the best fit. There will be nuances to consider here as well.

In most cases, lines are blended. If this is true for you - there is no clear dominance - it is better to opt for combined forms such as "cat's eye" which bring together roundness and angles.

Latest trends in sunglasses for this summer

Designers have provided a wide selection of frames this year, allowing stylists to get creative. However, for those who prefer a more conservative look, aviators by Ray-Ban remain a popular choice, particularly among men.

Here are some of the latest trends to look out for:

Brightly colored frames
These eccentric glasses dominate the catwalks and provide a great way to add color to any outfit. Frames can take on a range of forms from classic rectangle to more fanciful shapes.

Barbie style
With pink being a key color this season, fashion houses like Valentino are incorporating bright pink frames into their collections. Accessory shapes are varied, from simple rectangular to playful hearts and butterflies.

Colored lenses
Both frames and lenses will be colored this summer, in a variety of shades from pink to orange, yellow, red, blue and green. Colored lenses can either complement the current monochrome look or provide a bold accent if in the same tone as the outfit.

'70s style
Sunglasses from the 1970s are making a comeback, with huge, massive frames in classic aviator or rectangular shapes. Warm earthy shades in large frames are especially popular, while metallic sunglasses in shades of silver or gold offer a lighter option. Classic tortoise-colored glasses are also a trendy choice.

Sporty style
With sportswear now a staple in our wardrobes, sunglasses with mirrored lenses and a racer-style are back in fashion, thanks to the 2000s trend.

Aside from being on trend, such glasses provide excellent protection for your eyes by blocking light and harmful lateral rays with their peripheral lenses. If you want to look particularly fashionable, opt for sporty glasses with mono-lenses, similar to those worn by skiers.

Rectangular Frames
Another millennium retrospective is rectangular-shaped sunglasses, which have been popular for several seasons. These frames blend well with both retro and modern styles, just choose an up-to-date color and material.

Angular Cat-eye
The "cat-eye" is a classic among sunglasses, often associated with vintage styles. This year, it has received a new angular twist. With inverted sides and out-of-the-box dimensions, such sunglasses can look both retro and futuristic. Opt for classic colors such as black and tortoiseshell to highlight this unique shape.

Regardless of whether you choose trendy or basic glasses, what is most important is your comfort. The glasses should fit your style and be an extension of your personality.