Major Recording Artists
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Major Recording Artists who use the ‘exclusive tag’ to screw fans are lame

What I’m seeing more and more today is artists selling out to make an extra buck. Major recording artists are finding new, more creative ways to get out their music. This may sound great on the surface but if you look beneath some of what it represents — you’d find something much more alarming.

What we’ve seen for the last couple of years is major recording artists like Rihanna, Kanye West,  Lil Wayne, and Drake release exclusively on their music streaming service of choice.  Fans should no longer tolerate this.

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SoundCloud Mix Two

The Trendaholic SoundCloud Mix: Two

We have more fire for you this time around on #TrendaholicTuesdays with our latest playlist called SoundCloud Mix two for the month of May. You’ll notice genres ranging from Grime, Disco, Electronic, House, Hip Hop, etc. The great part about The Trendaholic mixes is they… Read more