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Top 7 Most Popular Retro and Vintage WordPress Themes

Every business owner or brand marketer needs to take their presence seriously. The best way to represent your company or your brand is by what your website looks like. As a result, if you were to scan the internet, you would notice plenty of sites using retro WordPress themes. Although it’s done to appear trendy, it is still an affective practice.

It’s important to pick the right theme as it is a visual representation of what you, your business and product stands for. If you don’t it could send out the wrong message to potential followers or customers.

Thankfully, with services like WordPress, creating a website today doesn’t cost much. The web is vast resource for free or inexpensive templates to build on.

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SoundCloud Mix Two

The Trendaholic SoundCloud Mix: Two

We have more fire for you this time around on #TrendaholicTuesdays with our latest playlist called SoundCloud Mix two for the month of May. You’ll notice genres ranging from Grime, Disco, Electronic, House, Hip Hop, etc. The great part about The Trendaholic mixes is they… Read more


Spotify is going through an identity crisis

Spotify is going through an identity crisis. The number one music streaming service (if you factor in paid subscribers), is undergoing a metamorphosis that has the platform trending toward offering more video. However, venturing into a different market like this makes the company look desperate… Read more