Bianca Censori in bra came close to exposing herself in public

Bianca Censori in bra
Bianca Censori in bra

The paparazzi recently managed to catch an unusual look on the 28 year old Bianca Censori, the alleged wife of rapper Kanye West. She was spotted in Italy wearing a tie up bikini bra accompanied by tight fitting tights and no shoes. To make matters worse, the photographer caught Censori with no makeup on her face and her swimsuit had somehow exposed her breasts for all to see.

Any onlooker would have quickly noted how exhausted she appeared, with tears present across her saddened face. It's not the first time the designer has been spotted in public without footwear either; earlier in June a similar incident occurred Los Angeles as they ventured out with partner Kanye West is a black t-shirt combined with a transparent pair of trousers which neither provided any coverage nor longed to be fully concealed. Remarkably, even Bianca Censori's shoes had chose to escape this period whilst forgetting to take their undergarment counterparts along too.

For years Bianca Censori has held the prestigious title of Head of Architecture at YEEZY in Los Angeles, California. With her natural talent and warm professionalism, she's become a well respected asset to the team.