Selena Gomez was criticized on social media after a photo from Paris surfaced.

Selena Gomez Instagram

Singer Selena Gomez posted new photos from Paris and was subjected to trolling by Hailey Bieber fans. She shared this news on social media.

Selena Gomez shared new photos of her trip to France. In the comments, followers wrote, "Playing the victim," "Jealous of Justin," and "Copying Hailey Bieber."

Afterwards, Hailey Bieber defended the singer and wrote in her Stories that she had nothing to do with the comments.

"Just know that I don't condone this, and I will never support or justify hateful, nasty or rude commentary. To do so is to not support me. If you partake in any of this, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Please be kind or do not comment at all," wrote Bieber.

In March, Hailey Bieber spoke out on Selena Gomez's behalf following the trolling she received in social media. Selena Gomez had requested an end to the trolling that Hailey Bieber had been receiving after their public spat.

"No one deserves to be subjected to hate and bullying. I have always stood up for kindness and will continue to do so. Let this stop now," she said.

In February, Hailey Bieber and Kyle Jenner allegedly publicly mocked Selena Gomez, for which they paid the price of losing followers.