The Venue x Joe Budden


This past Friday I traveled out to Worcester, MA, for a good old-fashioned club concert headlined by Joe Budden at a spot amply titled The Venue. The club was like what you expect from most clubs inside: poor audio, dark and not well lit — which hampered many of the independent artists’ performances of the night. This meant nothing because indie artist working The Venue still handled their business, as most performers were representing the Boston area to the fullest.

However there was one standout, though. The last act before Joey hit the stage was an artist by the name of Emjae, who ended up bringing the crowd to life. The flamboyant MC woke everyone up using hip hop infused with dance and electronic music, creepy light up mask, and women twerking on stage — it was like a rave unraveling before our eyes.

At last, Joe Budden finally hit the stage just before the club let out (which is 2AM). He performed a few songs from his recent album No Love Lost, and the classic club joint Pump it up.

Overall the show was a good time, and others seem to have enjoyed themselves. Strangely, there were no fights, which is something I’ve come accustomed to seeing at venues like this.

Great job by the club organizer and their staff!