10 Looks from Kate Middleton, Copied from Princess Diana: Find the Differences.


Kate Middleton's fashion choices are greatly admired by the British and she is a renowned style icon. She has an impressive knack for interpreting classic looks with her own modern twist, while still incorporating symbolism into her outfits. Her apparel often becomes iconic in its own right.

The elegant white headscarf ensemble that Kate Middleton wore in 2012 in Malaysia is very reminiscent of the one that Princess Diana wore during her visit to Pakistan in 1996. Except that the sleeves were more transparent and the buttons were slimmer.

Princess Diana wore a Zandra Rhodes gown with unusual sleeves for a gala evening in Kyoto during her visit to Japan in 1986. Kate followed suit with a sequin-embroidered Jenny Packham dress to the ARK Gala in 2011. Was this an intentional homage to Diana's fashion choices or merely coincidental? It is possible that Diana's style was inspired not only by Kate, but also by the chosen fashion designer, making her influence unique and long-lasting.

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted in a classic Alessandra Rich dress at the spectator stands during Day 9 of the 2022 Wimbledon International Tennis Tournament. This broad-shouldered ensemble was reminiscent of the iconic blue polka-dot Catherine Walker dress worn by Princess Diana in many public appearances during the 1980s.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have both been a part of the annual Memorial Day ceremony, which honours those who served in World War I and II as well as other conflicts. This day is popularly known as Poppy Day, when people wear red poppies on their lapels to symbolise those affected by war. While usually wearing traditional dark colours to commemorate the solemn occasion, their looks have varied over time. However, it's hard not to draw comparisons between the two - with a 1991 photo of Princess Diana contrasting with a 2016 one featuring Kate Middleton.

Kate was influenced by the late Princess Diana when she chose an ensemble for a rugby match in February 2023. Her mottled red and white coat echoes the same silhouette and colors as her mother-in-law's outfit that she wore back in October 1991. Kate had her bespoke coat tailored by Catherine Walker, whereas Diana wore a Moschino set.

Diana and Kate's pictures taken in 1992 and 2019 respectively, have an uncanny resemblance. Not only does the wardrobe feature the same playful floral motif, but the time and place of the photos is also strikingly similar. Diana was walking down the steps of a school where she had brought her son Prince Harry while Kate was taking her daughter Princess Charlotte to school for the first time. This symmetry is hard to overlook!

Kate paid tribute to Princess Diana at the Royal Ascot, an annual horse race held by the Royal House. The photograph of 1988 shows her in a polka-dot outfit. Fast forward to 2022 and Kate created a modern version of the same dress with a new neckline and slightly altered cut, yet it remained instantly recognizable.

In 2022, Kate wowed in a breathtaking red sequined dress for Christmas - an iconic style reminiscent of Lady Di's look from 1984. Diana was undoubtedly the inspiration behind it.

In May 2021, Kate visited Scotland wearing an outfit reminiscent of her late mother-in-law's. She chose a bright blue blazer (by Zara) and a pleated midi skirt in the same hue (Hope), with a chocolate Metier clutch to finish off the look. The only noticeable difference between their ensembles was that Kate's blazer was much longer than in 1992.

Kate Middleton's sweeping black velvet dress at the 2011 event was a tribute to Lady Diana's sophisticated look from her 1981 visit to London's Goldsmiths Hall. Both dresses featured the same lack of straps and voluminous edging, and in Diana's case, it was her first time making an appearance as William's bride. In what would become her first scandal, she chose to wear a dark hue in violation of royal protocol, inadvertently giving photographers an eyeful on her way out.