In Japan, cleaning up is not practiced, yet everyone lives in cleanliness

Japanese women always look flawless. They love to take care of themselves: they have dozens of bottles and vials of facial, hair, and body products on the bathroom shelves, and their clothing is impeccable and tastefully chosen, complemented by light, unobtrusive perfume, most often with the scent of cleanliness or white flowers. However, their homes can be a complete mess: the residents of the Land of the Rising Sun do not like to spend time cleaning. They sincerely believe that time can and should be spent on much more interesting and pleasant things.

In Japan, women spend an average of over sixty hours a week on their careers and jobs, and they still need to find time for yoga, massage, classes, walks in the park, and meeting with friends. However, in recent years, girls in the country have tried to bring order to their lives and implement a system that allows them to clean less often but keep the house clean.

Many adhere to simple rules that are recommended to everyone:

No excess junk

There are no garbage bins on the street in Japan. On the other hand, workers come to pick up packages right from the door once a week, so there is a risk of accumulating garbage. To prevent this, Japanese girls adhere to minimalism. If they don't like a T-shirt anymore, it's time to throw it away, if their favorite cup's handle broke - they say goodbye to it without regret. This approach makes it much easier to maintain order.

Each thing has its place

If there is no excess in the apartment, it is easier to determine what should be placed where. The main thing is to put things in their place right away. Japanese girls don't pile up clothes on chairs when changing after work - they put them away, and they don't leave their shoes lying around. Each product in their fridge has its own shelf or container.

Gadgets are our friends

Japan is considered one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and the residents strive to make every aspect of life easier with devices. And cleaning, of course, is no exception. A robot vacuum cleaner helps get rid of dust, a special machine dries clothes, and a steam mop makes floor washing almost instantaneous. By the way, many use special trash cans that change bags on their own, and compress the trash before sealing it.

By following this system, Japanese women can spend a minimum amount of time cleaning and not worry that sudden guests will be horrified.