Pharrell Visits Morning Joe to Endorse Cutting Edge Bionic Yarn Clothing


Pharrell Williams and Return Textile’s Tyson Toussant was on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ talking about the intricacies of Bionic Yarn Clothing, which is a line of fabrics and yarns made with the fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles.

Bionic Yarn Clothing is a New York based company, who is already working with some of today’s biggest fashion juggernauts like Cole Haan and Gap.

Here’s how the Bionic Yarn process works.

Pharrell seems to always be ahead of the times when it comes to trendsetting, not just with music but in fashion. Bionic Yarn Clothing will definitely be here for awhile as our country becomes more environmentally conscious; every thing green will be the new fad.