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Dutch scientists’ test-tube hamburger unveiled at public tasting

Dutch scientists have figured out a way to create a 5-ounce hamburger using lab-grown stem cells from a cow. The crew marked this achievement as an important step toward wide-scale adoption of synthetic meat. Taking this approach is the first step to eradicating the global demand for meat, as some studies show an expected rise to 60 percent by 2050, which is due to the world population hitting 9.6 billion people.

Now let’s get to how this “cultured beef” was made. Scientist put this thing together using 20,000 strands of protein grown from cow stem cells. So how much did this experiment cost, you ask? Try six figures, $325,000 to be exact!

Mark Post, one of the scientist in charge, had this to say at today’s tasting event:

“I think people don’t realize that current meat production is at its maximum, and it’s not going to supply demand for the coming 40 years.” Post continued by adding “So we need to come up with an alternative, there’s no question.”

Of course this experiment is awesome for science, and those environmentalist out there, however, it won’t magically change the moods of many in power. We all know that much of what goes on in our politics is corrupted by big money interest, so it would behoove any large meat or agriculture company to suddenly back something like this.

Unfortunately, None of these huge entities are willing to just up and change the way they make money — which is hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars.

For more details, check out The Verge’s article here

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