It is likely that humans settled America over 27 thousand years ago

Monument Valley in Arizona
Monument Valley in Arizona

A new study reveals that ancient humans could have reached America as early as 27 thousand years ago, much earlier than previously believed. This discovery is supported by the finding of bone pendants made from extinct sloths.

Scientists analyzed the triangular and teardrop-shaped ornaments found in Brazil and concluded that the intricate carvings and drilled holes were made by ancient humans.

The pendants date back 25-27 thousand years ago., several thousand years earlier than the arrival of the first humans in America from Africa and later Eurasia, according to other theories.

"These compelling findings, along with other sites in South and North America, challenge our understanding of human migration to America," said the study authors.

The ornaments were discovered around 30 years ago in a rock shelter called Santa Elina in central Brazil. However, this new study presents the first in-depth analysis of these artifacts.

Before widely accepted that the most popular date for the first human migration to the Americas is around 15 thousand years ago.