Victoria Silvstedt noticed in a swimsuit while on vacation


Paparazzi photos of former Swedish supermodel, Victoria Silvstedt revealed that the stunning beauty was on holiday, sporting a stunningly revealing outfit. The 48-year old brunette displayed her ripped abs and toned legs in a red two piece ensemble. Wearing thick tinted aviators and just a simple brushed up and away hairstyle accentuated her classic appeal.

Victoria Silvstedt in a swimsuit

Many fans commented under the photo with mixed remarks with one person proclaiming "Oh these lips!" followed by others with opinions as wide ranging as pointing out she may have "flabby legs" which indicated too much time at the gym while another posited that her body showed signs of ageing within the realms of 60 years rather than 48.

Earlier in July during another holiday spotting an ex Angel of Victoria Secrets – Devon Windsor had joined her seaside adventure,. At 29 years old the svelte beauty considered still fresh faced let off some incredible visuals in an orange swimming costume clearly showing her frames level of restriction and zero prominent beauty features such as cellulite or stretchmarks. Whether you were placing emphasis to certain aspects on both Silcestdt's or Windsor's photos it is clear a former lifespan li lifeystyle has lent to their well reserved bodies today.