Trendaholic Time Machine: The Wiz

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The ‘Trendaholic Time Machine’ is a quick look back into history to when a special event occurred in the world of pop culture such as music, film, technology, fashion, etc. Today’s event centers around the iconic film — The Wiz

On this day, The Wiz made its theater debut back in 1978. So, just think, next year will be the movie’s 40th Anniversary (remember you heard it here first!). For those of you out there who’ve never seen the movie, allow me to give you a broad stroke of what it’s about.

The Wiz is a much cooler spinoff of the iconic film The Wizard of Oz. In the original, the main character Dorothy, played by Judy Garland, is trying to find her way back home to Kansas from the Land of Oz. There’s a Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow she encounters and befriends along her journey.

In The Wiz, Dorothy is played by legendary singer Diana Ross, and the Scarecrow is played by a young Michael Jackson — talk about star power!

The movie also has some iconic dance performances and costume designing elements throughout the film. Honestly, it’s the very essence of whatever people consider what “Black Excellence” is nowadays.

So, always remember the day October 24 as it’s the day The Wiz came into our lives. Go watch the movie if you haven’t dammit!

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