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Microsoft is wiping Internet Explorer 6 off the map with upgrade

Well, folks it looks like Microsoft will be turning the lights off on the awful, obsolete program known as Internet Explorer 6. The update is going around the world automatically and will be forced upon — which needs to be done. I mean come on it’s going on 2012 already, IE6 is not only outdated but just plain hot garbage. The sad part about this story is that the program has a usage of 8.3 percent, which means that millions of users out there are still using this old-ass technology. With the upgrade hitting computers worldwide starting next month, millions of Windows users who’ve been cheating themselves of updated tech will see the latest version of Internet Explorer supported by the type of computer.

Microsoft said it best with these comments:

“10 years ago a browser was born. Its name was Internet Explorer 6. Now that we’re in 2011, in an era of modern Web standards, it’s time to say goodbye.”


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Microsoft Flexes its Muscle by Acquiring Skype for $8.5 Billion

Talk about shaking things up, Microsoft as announced its plans to acquire the popular VoIP company Skype for a whopping $8.5 Billion. The acquisition gives Microsoft a huge footprint in the video and VoIP industry. The firm said Skype will be used to support Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phone and other Windows devices. Microsoft also said that it will connect Skype users with Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other software platforms.

So, Skype users out there, do think this is a good thing or bad thing?


[via BGR]

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Microsoft revamping Hotmail with new upgrade

Microsoft in trying to keep up with Yahoo and Google refocuses it’s attention toward revamping Hotmail with an upgrade, expected to be available in July or August.

A few upgrade specs include:

  • Automatic sorting of incoming messages into different categories devoted to users’ key contacts and Internet social networks.
  • Provide previews of incoming photos, videos and other material without having to open an attachment or click on a link.
  • Tweaks to send photos, videos, documents and other attachments to e-mail recipients and making it easier to sync Hotmail on mobile phones.

Now if you’re a Hotmail user these should be significant changes that in fact should make you somewhat pleased but if you’re a person who doesn’t use Hotmail or give it the time of day (like myself) then this is irrelevant.

This just proves how behind the ball Microsoft seemingly always has been with all their pet projects. Hotmail once with incredible potential has become irrelevant (in a weird way) because Microsoft buys companies they either don’t know what to do with or just later realize how way over their heads they are.

This is Microsoft’s most extensive overhaul to Hotmail since Microsoft bought the service 12 years ago! But what has to be more amazing than that is the fact that Hotmail is still ranked #1 globally with 360 million users, wow go figure.

Hotmail users out there tell me what you think about this long over due upgrade?


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TTH’s Spin on HP Buying Palm

First and foremost: Tip your hat to the board of Palm for making a business savvy move that will atleast sooth the fears of shareholders and consumers of their products (phones). But as a good buddy of mine said  @Rizzotees – “I think the surrender by Palm is a smart move” and I would have to agree.

What’s The Deal?

Palm has been in and out of the grave for some years now but they seem to always show some resiliency avoiding death and demise. They exhibited this when PDA’s played out and Treo and Handspring came in to momentarily fill the void for businesses abroad of course until Blackberry began kicking their asses. Then of course Palm’s savior was supposed to be their highly touted mobile operating system called WebOS. Although respected by many (if you read most popular tech sites or forums) WebOS hasn’t quite panned out like Palm had hoped in efforts of resurrecting the company.

So, in months of speculation far as who will eventually step up to buy Palm, HP announced on April 28, 2010 that they’re acquiring the struggling phone company for somewhere from $1.2 billion or $1.4 billion. The deal is expected to close by July 31, the end of HP’s third fiscal quarter.

This deal would allow HP to become a major player in the smartphone business and everybody who knows tech knows Palm has lots of patents that wouldn’t effect them in a potential Apple or Microsoft lawsuit over patents like what HTC is currently experiencing.

The Foreseeable Future

HP will benefit in all of their markets they are currently aggressive in such as:

  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Tablets

Let’s face it HP hasn’t been able to hack it in the mobile phone business, but with the acquisition of Palm this will allow them to come out the gate with a pre-made, well-respected mobile division into their company and display it in future handsets. Hardware was an issue for Palm with users, but with HP it will no longer be like Brian Barrett and John Herrman said at Gizmodo “Imagine a webOS phone with WVGA resolution; with a Snapdragon processor; with a genuinely responsive interface. That’s what we’re talking about here. Forget the Pre Plus—it’s time to start waiting for the Pre II”.

This purchase also benefits HP’s TouchSmart line because with their aggressiveness with touch screen technology they could surely use or incorporate WebOS’s clever tricks into their sometimes dull software.

By in large most techies out there expect for this purchase to really improve HP’s upcoming tablet products. I believe the tablet will be the wild card for HP in them becoming a true player in this market. Just think they don’t need to license software from the likes of Microsoft or Google anymore they can go straight exclusive with their tablet products much like what Apple does with their products, maybe a game changer, hell I might buy if the product is right!

In The End

I believe this was a good purchase for HP whether they capitalize on the opportunity in becoming real playa’ playa’s or just blow it all by being way over their heads. I must say though, as an Android fan (I own a Moto Cliq for the record) I am a little disappointed Google seemingly didn’t take a look at the purchasing of Palm. I mean just think Google could have really helped their Android OS by purchasing Palm for it’s patents and sleek interface design to integrate into their software improving the downfalls of Android OS, but I guess they didn’t feel the need to have those assets.

Although I feel this was overall great for HP and us the consumer it is still meant to be seen if this will have any wings for being a success. Until then our eyes are open and so will our pockets if HP can get it right.

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Danger Sidekick On The Brink of Extinction?

Remember when the Sidekick was the most hippest phone to have on your hip? Seemingly, everyone wanted one of these when they first debuted on T-Mobile almost 8 years ago! But quiet as kept I can now say the once cool and trendy handset is not only becoming un-cool to have but now it’s rumored to be completely replaced by newer Microsoft branded phones (Microsoft is the parent company of Danger) and replaced at T-Mo for the well anticipated MyTouch Slide (wanna see it?).

But one must think, who’s the cause or blame to the demise of this once trendy phone? Many would speculate that once Microsoft took over Danger and obtained the Sidekick brand in 2008, it went down hill. I’m speaking as a former Sidekick owner myself who’s owned an Sidekick 2 &3. Honestly, I never had any issues with the phone on both durability nor software (besides the fact it looked really big and ridiculous on my hip). Atleast to me the Sidekicks’ demise has come relatively fast maybe because of the epic #FAIL Microsoft had with it’s software crash or malfunction that effected most Sidekick owners in the country.

Ironically what ultimately helped motivate me to write this post was a potential buyer from Craigslist who inquired information on the phone I was selling (which was a MyTouch 3g by the way) the person was a girlfriend of a guy who’d wanted to purchase a phone for a birthday gift. She says to me in a text “It’s for him (her boyfriend) his b day is next week and he wants to get a new phone cause he has a sk (sidekick) and they (sidekick) suck now”.

So I hope that short text message gives you a certain view of the long fall from grace that the Sidekick has taken maybe courtesy of an unplanned assist from Microsoft. What do you guys think? Do you think Microsoft destroyed the Sidekick brand? Or was it just inevitable?