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Fantastical reigns supreme when it comes to mobile calendars


As much as I love the Apple ecosystem, I despise their poor excuse for a calendar app. It is bulky, confusing and just plain ugly. I need my calendar. I need it to work but I also need it to get out-of-the-way. Calendaring should be easy, not a chore. In a world filled with calendar app options it is easy to get lost. There are …

Women read more eBooks than Men, both like Kindle and iPhone more [Infographic]


Everyone knows that technology is taking the world by storm, changing the way we do things day-to-day. Nothing represents that change more than mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and etc. A survey conducted by Publishing Technology, an Infographic shows the way women and men satisfy their e-book appetites. The infographic shows that women read far more e-books than men, and that the preferred …

Duet by Protag: a simplistic answer to an everyday annoyance


Are you one of those people who seems to always remember your phone and not your keys, or vise versa? Well, a little device named the Duet by Protag can help solve that annoying lapse in memory for you. I’ve tested this bad boy for some weeks now, and I walked away with a very positive experience with the small devices’ overall functionality. Basics Connectivity …

The Trendaholic App of the Week: Animoto


The great thing about today’s smartphones is how developers of impressive apps utilize powerful hardware on the inside. Both Android and iOS have close to a 1 million apps respectively — so digging for gems isn’t easy. Sifting through a bunch of apps, I landed with Animoto as app of the week.