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How to translate websites on Safari for iPhone

One of the features that Safari for iPhone still lacks today that Google’s Chrome browser doesn’t is the ability to translate different languages from sites abroad. This sometimes can be an annoying issue to have, especially when you’re trying to buy something overseas, and can’t read the damn site.

Well lucky for us there’s a little workaround to solve this problem.  And that remedy is through Microsoft’s search app Bing. With Bing you can see web pages translated to the language of your choice with just a couple of taps. You’ll be reading in no time.

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Apple Game Center Flops

… Well so far… Apple’s game Center promised a social gaming experience much like Xbox LIVE or PSN, including matchmaking, adding friends, leader-boards and achievements, but so far things haven’t been blowing up like they have hoped. Since installing Game Center before lunch, I’ve accumulated a few… Read more