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Fantastical reigns supreme when it comes to mobile calendars


As much as I love the Apple ecosystem, I despise their poor excuse for a calendar app. It is bulky, confusing and just plain ugly. I need my calendar. I need it to work but I also need it to get out-of-the-way. Calendaring should be easy, not a chore. In a world filled with calendar app options it is easy to get lost. There are …

Women read more eBooks than Men, both like Kindle and iPhone more [Infographic]


Everyone knows that technology is taking the world by storm, changing the way we do things day-to-day. Nothing represents that change more than mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and etc. A survey conducted by Publishing Technology, an Infographic shows the way women and men satisfy their e-book appetites. The infographic shows that women read far more e-books than men, and that the preferred …

Duet by Protag: a simplistic answer to an everyday annoyance


Are you one of those people who seems to always remember your phone and not your keys, or vise versa? Well, a little device named the Duet by Protag can help solve that annoying lapse in memory for you. I’ve tested this bad boy for some weeks now, and I walked away with a very positive experience with the small devices’ overall functionality. Basics Connectivity …

The Trendaholic App of the Week: Animoto


The great thing about today’s smartphones is how developers of impressive apps utilize powerful hardware on the inside. Both Android and iOS have close to a 1 million apps respectively — so digging for gems isn’t easy. Sifting through a bunch of apps, I landed with Animoto as app of the week.

SteelSeries’ iOS game controller to work for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


If you’re an iPhone user out there who loves to game, then you’d know how incredibly frustrating it is to play with touch controls on such a small display. Many manufacturers have tried to deliver a better gaming experience with controllers made for the iPhone. Unfortunately, many of those efforts have failed miserably. Hopefully that narrative changes today as SteelSeries, a company known for its …