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Gucci releases stylish rubber cases for iPhone and iPad

We have great news for those of you out there who love to carry your iPad or iPhone out in style. Gucci, as part of its new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, has released silicone iPad 2 and iPhone 4 cases. These bad boys feature the classic GG all-over pattern in a few solid colors: red, green, and black. Now, this is Gucci, so of course prices are abnormally high. The iPad case will set you back a whopping 160 USD and the iPhone case 90 USD. The question is, are you insane enough to splurge that kind of doe on a rubber case from a brand like Gucci? [via]

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iRetrofone Steampunk turns your iPhone into an oldie but goodie

This design is really cool not just because of it’s throwback type of rotary phone look but the fact that it blends the iPhone into it’s design without having the iPhone standout in a way that outshines the overall look.

Fusing art with function seems to be the aim of artist Scott Freeland with this creation. All of these modeled designs are hand-sculpted, hand-cast in urethane resin and then hand-painted. Merging an old-fashioned grandma like handset and a fully functional iPhone dock complete with USB compatibility for syncing and charging, is simply genius.

Get yours for $350 on Etsy.


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Apple slaps you in the face with a free rubber case

Can I say that with the announcement by Steve Jobs to iPhone 4 customers of giving them a free rubber casing is a slap in the face? As you can probably tell I’m really not impressed with this move by Apple only because it would have been smart business to cover up the flaw (the antenna) from the beginning by offering the cases for free.

But as we all know by now Apple waited… and waited for this issue to become a HUGE story. If Apple wasn’t so stubborn and cheap most customers would have probably dealt with the antenna issue with the free rubber bumpers if they had offered them for free earlier.

But the fact remains, Apple still rather insult your intelligence by saying “it’s not an antenna problem” but in fact it’s you and it’s the way YOU are holding it (the phone) but we’ll satisfy you by throwing you a $30 rubber casing that cost us probably less than $1 to make so you can stop complaining. I believe ultimately these past incidents with Apple whether busting down the door of a blogger or being conceivably disingenuous  to customers will cost them big in customer loyalty down the road.

What is your opinion of this latest move by Apple? Do you think their undermining the issue with the antenna?

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