Nintendo Releasing a Dope SNES-Themed 3DS XL in the U.S.

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Nintendo is riding this retro-wave all the way to the bank with this latest 3DS XL release. Honestly, who could blame them, considering they’re only doing what the people seem to want them to do. 

The company first announced an SNES-themed 3DS XL for Europe only, now the handheld system seems to be coming to the States. Video game lovers can snatch up the system by pre-ordering it for $199.

Unfortunately, once ordered, the system won’t ship until two weeks after its European release on November 27.

Nintendo kicked this whole retro thing off last year, dropping the NES Classic, then following that up with this year’s Super NES Classic.

This is a smart move to deliver these to their consumers. I mean, let’s face it, retro is crazy in right now and people are willing to pay for something that was super popular back in the day.

Who’s copping?

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