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GoodTask, More Like Great Task [Review]

Get things done. GET ALL THE THINGS DONE!

This is my mindset almost everyday. Even though I don’t balance the most hectic schedule I do find myself busy more often than I want to admit. Like many other things our phones and tablets have opened up new avenues of keeping our schedule held together.

Not surprisingly, there are many options when it comes to getting things done. Some of the major players in this category have rightfully earned their place atop the mountain. Omnifocus and Things are very popular and both work well. What about the other options though? Today we are going to explore one of them in the form of GoodTask.

At GoodTask’s core is the idea of being light weight. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Omnifocus or the design polish of Things but it doesn’t really matter. It works. When I first opened GoodTask I was blown away by how simple it is. Both the Mac and iOS apps bring your focus to your todo list and that inevitably helps knock those items out.

GoodTask allows for calendar items to be shown below your todo list — in a way, almost similar to what Swingnow’s suite of apps offers with Swingcal. This view takes the things that Fantastical and Calendars5 are doing and slightly turns them on their head. Your day is laid out before you and that is refreshing. GoodTask allows for filters to be used so one could choose to display only their dated items. I found this to be extremely useful when looking at the Day view. I don’t want all the clutter just the stuff that matters. Another nice feature is the ability to use special lists that group together undated and recurring tasks. This allows for an ease of use in managing these items that the others don’t offer.

GoodTask is light but not so light it has little to offer. As I guy who spends a decent amount of time looking at his to-do list little things like an automatic dark theme makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Living somewhere between the power of Omnifocus and the pretty that is Things, GoodTask may just be the tool the average person needs.

GoodTask is $9.99 on the Mac App Store and now on sale in the App Store for $1.99, down from the normal $4.99.

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Women read more eBooks than Men, both like Kindle and iPhone more [Infographic]

Everyone knows that technology is taking the world by storm, changing the way we do things day-to-day. Nothing represents that change more than mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and etc. A survey conducted by Publishing Technology, an Infographic shows the way women and men satisfy their e-book appetites.

The infographic shows that women read far more e-books than men, and that the preferred devices of choice is Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPhone. Samsung smartphones came in second behind Apple.

What’s your go to device to read on?

TECH mobile reading infographic-page-001

Feature Image: Karin M (Flickr)

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Injections to be replaced by a new drug-delivery capsule?

People hate needles. In fact it’s a universal feeling shared by most around the world. The science behind using injections for certain medicines isn’t rocket science. It’s simple: some things need to be shot in you and not ingested by way of a pill.

Well, until now.

Research is being done to change that old way of how we take injections, with needles inserted underneath the skin. A special drug-delivery capsule with tiny needles has been devised to inject drugs directly into the lining of the stomach after the capsule is swallowed. This new method is being tested on animals (notably, pigs), and has already proven to be more effective than injection under the skin.

No harmful side effects have surfaced. Scientists believe the capsule will be best used to treat cancer, arthritis and Crohn’s disease. MIT researchers want to make the process as safe and seamless as possible for how the drug is passed through the digestive tract.

Ultimately, the plan is for the capsule to issue needles made of degradable polymers and sugar that would stick to your gut lining, where they would slowly disintegrate and release the drug.

Of course, with this kind of research, it takes years to perfect. Time and money are big deciding factors when it comes to something like this getting passed through the government.


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Jibo could be the Family Robot of the Future

This incredible looking robot is Jibo, and it is being called “the world’s first family robot.” Jibo not only interacts with you like say Apple’s Siri, or Google’s “Google Now” but it can also let homeowners control their lights, mobile devices, and it can even use video chat services like Skype all by a simple voice command. Jibo is created by an MIT professor by the name of Cynthia Breazeal.

This invention first burst on the scene through Indiegogo, where these special edition robots are starting at $499.00, while developer edition models are going for $599.00. These things are selling like hotcakes! A pre-order for Jibo with $199.00 down and $349.00 upon shipment in early 2016, is already sold out — and those people aren’t getting their bots for at least a year and half! 

This little sucker is promising to be the bees-neez. Be amazed, and watch the video of the robot in action below.


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Mighty Adventure: a cute but complex game that challenges your instincts

Much like the author of this review, Mighty Adventure is both cute and complex all wrapped up in one hard to put down package. At first glance Mighty Adventure is a simple auto-runner but after a few seconds of one will discover that the game is actually pretty tricky.

Mighty Adventure consists of three characters who each have unique abilities required during different stretches of gameplay. Think Super Mario Bros. 2 when you had to choose wisely between Luigi’s high jump or Princess Peach’s levitation.

The idea is simple: speed through the various landscapes while destroying all the enemies that await you to then eventually defeat the boss freeing the land.

What keeps Mighty Adventure interesting is the auto-runner aspect. Each of the characters unique skills are needed in different spots but the non-stop action leaves little time to switch between characters. One of the creatures can double jump allowing you to clear large gaps. Another can jump then do a stomping move to flatten any enemies in their path. Another performs a jump and stomp move flattening out your enemies. The last creature has the ability to jump followed by a dash move that makes them flash through the sky.

Unlike Super Mario Bros. 2 you don’t have to guess which character is going to be needed where. Most levels provides insight via the collectibles scattered throughout the level as to which ability may be needed. Sometimes they are lined up indicating the need for a dash jump, while other times they form an “M” showing the player that a double jump is coming up. With that said, a lot of the game comes down to being in the moment. Instincts are key. I found myself having to replay several of the levels to memorize what was expected of me. This can be frustrating but it also prolongs the life of the game, something many iOS developers are sadly missing in their games.

In the end Mighty Adventure is cute, sophisticated and sure to frustrate you just enough to keep you coming back for more.

Download $0.99 | iTunes App Store

Lifestyle_SB Roar_on Bookshelf-Feature
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Creative Sound Blaster Roar delivers audiophile-worthy traits

In an industry that is hard to differentiate from seemingly hundreds of thousands of competitors, comes a company willing to stand out from the rest. That company is Creative Technologies — the maker of the Sound Blaster Roar.

Creative Technology CEO, Sim Wong Hoo, said it best while describing this special breed of portable speakers.

“Many portable wireless speakers are designed primarily to be small and compact. They hardly suffice in audio fidelity to provide decent sound as a home stereo system. We’ve approached the Sound Blaster Roar from the opposite direction.”

The direction he and his company chose was to put an emphasis on sound quality first over portability and aesthetics. It’s a daring move being that most companies rely on looks and compact size to sell their products. It’s safe to say that Sim Wong Hoo does not care if his company fits the same mold as others.

But don’t get me wrong, the SBR looks clean with its black gun-metal color tones. It looks like an expensive piece of DJ equipment; an accessory that can be nicely tucked away along a mixer or something.

I love how high-end this speaker feels, it carries some real heft. Without the box it has to weigh anywhere from three to four pounds of premium constructed materials.

If you’re a spec-nerd then you’ll love the SBR even more, as it comes with all the bells and whistles most fawn over. It’s like Creative Technology had a check off list just for nerds when building this thing.

A Micro SD card slot can be used for playing stored music or for recording, due to the speaker’s built-in microphone. That feature also allows users to take hands-free phone calls.

With a 6000mAh Li-ion battery inside, its USB port can be used for charging other devices. Add in the other features like Bedtime mode, Loud Sounds Mode, NFC (Near Field Communication) and you’ve got a well-equipment entertainment machine. The SBR even has a One-touch siren to help grab the attention of house guest at a party.

I honestly didn’t have a need for at least half of the features the Sound Blaster Roar offered, as I tried to focus more on how good the speaker was at the simple things.  Using the SBRs’ Bluetooth 3.0 tech to connect to all my devices including my computer (iMac) was without any issue. And taking calls were great as the sound on both ends were crystal-clear.

Audio Quality

But let’s get to what really matters, and that is the audio quality. The Sound Blaster Roar has a science to it. Creative designed the sound box by placing a speaker at the top to deliver mids and bass, while adding two in the front for putting out the highs. The two vents on the left and right of the box is for the more intense bass to exit.

Some real thought went into designing this sound system, it wasn’t just slapped together with a cheap-underperforming speaker and a flashy coat of paint.

It’s solid all around. You can really notice the bass, and the highs don’t get in the way. As you can imagine, it’s a given that Hip Hop sounds amazing on the SBR (made sure to put it through the paces with Kanye West, Schoolboy Q,  and Kendrick Lamar).

I also played electronic / dance music to check out the highs, and it performed just as well (Skrillex, Bonobo, and Flume to name a few — if you’re interested).

In a small apartment with a few people, the sound won’t get drowned out. However I’m not sure how the sound would carry in an environment of a dozen or more people, like in a back yard cookout. Although I feel it could still handle itself adequately in that situation.

Product_SB Roar_See Through


So many times I’ve gotten my hopes up with a portable speaker to then only have them crushed with an avalanche of disappointment.

In this case, I can say things are different. The Creative Sound Blaster Roar makes other speakers in its field look and sound like toys, with its advanced technological sound system and premium materials. It’s the best wireless speaker I’ve tested so far.

The bottom line is, the SBR is a legit option in a market filled with overpriced portable wireless speakers. Creative Technology went out its way to give you everything you want and more, all at the bargain price of $149.99.

If this were made by a more  popular brand out there, it would be at least $50 more. The quality would command it. Although it isn’t perfect (wished it were more compact) it still should please a majority of audiophile’s out there, it did for me.