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BOOM! Goes your volume.


There is one common thread when it comes to my consumption of music, podcasts, videos and every other form of media… I WANT IT LOUD! Not just loud enough to hear but loud enough to feel. As much as I love my MacBook Pro it has always left me in the volume department. This isn’t just and indictment against Apple but every PC and Chromebook …

Current for Mac gives Facebook a more enjoyable experience


My name is Josh and as much as I pretend to hate Facebook I can’t get away from it. Remember that scene in “Brokeback Mountain” with the famous line, “I wish I could quit you.”? That is my current status with Facebook. The Facebook suite of apps for iOS and Android are decent. I have found myself really enjoying Paper, the modern take on Facebook …

Ember is Pinterest for design


I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I have taken a liking to Pinterest as of late. It allows me to organize recipes for dinners, home-brew beer recipes and funny t-shirt designs. That however is where it ends for me. In a very similar fashion I use Pocket to save all the stories I don’t have time to read or want to save for …

GoodTask, More Like Great Task [Review]


Get things done. GET ALL THE THINGS DONE! This is my mindset almost everyday. Even though I don’t balance the most hectic schedule I do find myself busy more often than I want to admit. Like many other things our phones and tablets have opened up new avenues of keeping our schedule held together. Not surprisingly, there are many options when it comes to getting …

Women read more eBooks than Men, both like Kindle and iPhone more [Infographic]


Everyone knows that technology is taking the world by storm, changing the way we do things day-to-day. Nothing represents that change more than mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and etc. A survey conducted by Publishing Technology, an Infographic shows the way women and men satisfy their e-book appetites. The infographic shows that women read far more e-books than men, and that the preferred …