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TapCellar is like a Beer Rolodex


Beer is good. Say it with me, Beer. Is. Good. Craft breweries have popped up everywhere and the amount of amazing beverage available nation wide is crazy right now. Maybe you like IPA’s like every hipster on the planet and me. Maybe you are a Stout guy. Maybe you are a sophisticated lady and like to throw back a delicious Belgian strong ale. Whatever you …

Special Release: The Capital Gang — Volume One

The Capital Gang Vol 1 - cover

In a earlier life I was an artist and independent label co-owner (which spans back to over a decade ago). Coming up with my friends we decided to form a musical group known as The Capital Gang. The idea wasn’t to make the name mutually exclusive to the original artists (C. Hustle, Del Uno, Iceberg, P. Boogz, Young Face, Aristadoe) on the first edition, but …

Tell Me by Emjae featuring Naomi


Today Hip Hop and EDM artist Emjae dropped his new single Tell Me off his upcoming album. The song features the beautiful but haunting sounds of Naomi, as it brings the usual energy you’ll come accustomed to hearing from anything Emjae. The single is now available to consume on most digital outlets. We’ve compiled a list below for you to decide how you can support …

Flow Browser for iOS gives Safari a run for its money

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.54.18 AM

Safari has gotten a lot better. With that said, it still has lots of work to do. I am not a power browser user on my iPhone but I do use it enough to know that even with as good as Safari has become it is still lacking some key features. Recently I was introduced to a new iOS web browser and it has done …

RJNjr table & chair is a delightful twist to Fake Babies Dirty Soul


In keeping with the unique tones from his dirty soul brethren, Fake Babies, New Haven, CT’s own RJNjr (aka Robert James Nuzzello, Jr.) releases his solo album titled ‘table & chair’. For those of you out there who’ve never heard the local group known as Fake Babies, then you’re missing some great stuff! Borrowing a line from my last interview with Nuzzello’s group explains their …