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Premiere: Klokwize “If U Only Knew” Video

Fresh off his last single which garnered ESPN acclaim, The Rush featuring Dayy, Klokwize returns with his new single and video If U Only Knew. The production on the track has a mellow and chill vibe to it thanks in large part to producer Ant Quint.

Beyond the beat, the song has a strong message that talks about the trials and tribulations of what an artist goes through when they’re on the come  up. So there is definitely some substance behind these bars.

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SoundCloud Mix Two
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The Trendaholic SoundCloud Mix: Two

We have more fire for you this time around on #TrendaholicTuesdays with our latest playlist called SoundCloud Mix two for the month of May. You’ll notice genres ranging from Grime, Disco, Electronic, House, Hip Hop, etc. The great part about The Trendaholic mixes is they… Read more

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Spotify is going through an identity crisis

Spotify is going through an identity crisis. The number one music streaming service (if you factor in paid subscribers), is undergoing a metamorphosis that has the platform trending toward offering more video. However, venturing into a different market like this makes the company look desperate… Read more

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What happened to Kid Cudi?

Kid Cudi needs to follow suit with his once mentor (Mr. West) to get his career back on the right path. If not, he’ll continue to be what he has become: a lost, wandering artist stuck in the woods of mediocrity.