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SoundCloud Mix One
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The Trendaholic SoundCloud Mix: One

This is our first SoundCloud mix that we intend to deliver to you guys once a month on Tuesdays. Of course, since we plan to drop this list on Tuesday, it will fit underneath our going theme of Trendaholic Tuesdays. Now you get to see what’s our flavor of the month far as our taste in different types of artists and genres.

Doesn’t really matter what kind of artist, as we don’t discriminate. You’ll  notice songs from both major and independent recording artists from the world of Hip Hop, Funk, Psychedelic, Electronic and some Rock for your guitar body. We had fun creating this list for you guys that you’ll hopefully enjoy.

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What happened to Kid Cudi?

Kid Cudi needs to follow suit with his once mentor (Mr. West) to get his career back on the right path. If not, he’ll continue to be what he has become: a lost, wandering artist stuck in the woods of mediocrity.

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Tell Me by Emjae featuring Naomi

Today Hip Hop and EDM artist Emjae dropped his new single Tell Me off his upcoming album. The song features the beautiful but haunting sounds of Naomi, as it brings the usual energy you’ll come accustomed to hearing from anything Emjae. The single is now… Read more