Bugus Talks Freedom, DIEMON, and the State of Music

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So, first, thanks for getting up with me and doing this. I was just searching around on SoundCloud one day and stumbled across your track Free Bird. I liked what I heard because it sounded fresh, in the sense that it didn’t really replicate anything repeated on the radio.

What was your inspiration behind making Free Bird?

Wanting to be free. Free Bird is about freedom: physical freedom, mental freedom, and financial freedom.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Roswell, GA – 15 minutes north of Atlanta.

There’s always a story behind what makes one get into making music. So, what’s yours?

I started writing at 15 but I recorded my first song at 16. Before music, I was a full-time student athlete. I played basketball and football every season from 2nd to 10th grade. I picked up the mic when I hung my jersey up. I quit high school sports because I noticed all the politics that are played and I didn’t want my future to be in the hands of some coach. So when I quit sports, I started the music.

Now that you’re in the mix and doing your thing as an artist, is there a wish list of other artists you’d like to collaborate with? If so, who are they?

I’d love to do a song with JAY Z, Kanye, Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd & Khalid. As far as producers go, I want to work with Kanye, Pharrell, Timbaland, Boi1da, T-Minus and a few other dope producers.

I noticed that you’re in a crew. The thing I see from the outside looking in is that you surround yourself with cool and humble people. So, my question is, what is Diemon? And who’s in it?

DIEMON is a label and crew Russ and I founded in 2011. DIEMON stands for Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing. This is our motto and mindset. Russ & I are the only official artists under DIEMON at the moment.

I read somewhere that you and Russ have been friends since the 8th grade. Is this true? How did you guys meet?

Yeah, Russ & I met in homeroom on the first day of 8th grade. I noticed him because he was a new kid. I started clowning on him immediately and we became cool. We have been boys since then.

Speaking of Russ, he has a concert scheduled in my neck of the woods out here in Connecticut at the Oakdale Theatre May 26th. What are some of the things you’ve learned from his process? Things he had to endure to get the buzz he has now?

I’ve learned to be patient and not jump at the first shiny thing that comes your way. Patience goes a long way.

Let’s shake things up by asking a question unrelated to music. Do you get the time to watch TV at all? If so, what’s on your Netflix watch list or on-demand?

I rarely watch TV but If I do, it’s usually ESPN. But on Netflix, I like the Boondocks, DEXTER, Narcos and a bunch of other shows.

Do you think the state of music is in a good place?

Yeah, I do. I think that this is the best time in the history of music to be an artist. In 2017, your work can be seen worldwide by millions of people because of the internet. Before the internet, there was no way someone in France is finding out about you unless you are signed. I also like how diverse rap is right now. There are lyricists, entertainers, and hitmakers all winning at once. It’s inspiring and exciting to see.

So, is there any other projects we can expect from you and the Diemon crew?

1000% Expect more fire! Follow me on Instagram to keep up @BugusDIEMON

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