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Are Resellers F*cking up the Sneaker Culture?

I admit I’ve been away from the game of buying limited and exclusive kicks for a while, so recently I’ve tried to work myself in with the times.

So today the retro Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” launched. It’s one of those pairs most sneaker-head’s had marked on their calendars with the hope of copping them a pair at their local sneaker store or online. Two increasingly daunting tasks.

One glaring change I’ve noticed since the early 2000’s (when I was deep into buying kicks), is the increased popularity of retro Air Jordan’s. Back when I was buying Jordan’s, or any other pair of kicks for that matter, it was all about being a fan and collector first. Now, collectors are being threatened by something much more dangerous than other collectors — and that is resellers.

You have greedy people (or companies) who don’t want to buy for collecting reasons, but for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. Jordan’s are now commodities trading on the open market.

Like a person once said on my Twitter Timeline, “Dudes are flipping kicks like their stocks.” Man is that a sad truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the common man making a quick buck, but not in the process of cheapening an art form or culture. Paying $170 + tax for some retro Air Jordan’s for the purpose of throwing a $325 sticker price on it — isn’t cool at all.

Eventually, average folks will be completely priced out of the commodity known as retro Air Jordan’s, and only the more famous, well-connected, or affluent person will be able to get them a pair.

And that’s unfortunate.

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  1. George

    Well you have said it. I think your half right it is sad that people do it for a super price but it’s also nikes fault they don’t make enough on purpose so blame nike first and they the people trying to make a quick buck. I do.

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