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YouTube Stardom: how an unknown talent can become a global brand

There is no question about the power of YouTube in terms of taking you to the heights of glory and achievement. You might have heard about the stories of the superstars who made use of YouTube in order to get a breakthrough. The ones included in the list are Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston, Soulja Boy and many more. Now what do all these people have in common? All of them had started their venture for fame and glory through the posting of some amateur videos on a number of video blogs including YouTube. After bagging thousands of fans from all over the world, finally there came a time when they had been discovered. Now here, people might hold different views about the success of these people. Some even say the element of luck and chance are indeed visible in the lives of these individuals. At the same time, there are those who are of the view that there is some sort of conspiracy behind the success of these superstars.

Surely, it is quite easy to discount out these success stories by lining them with chance and conspiracies, but this strategy can never justify the fame of all these talented and hardworking individuals. YouTube can indeed give a positive direction to your career, but your success after that is indeed going to be determined by your commitment and skills. It is indeed not easy to make your mark in the music world, as on a daily basis thousands of people try to enter the world of music. Talking about music is one thing and making the music for other people is quite another. If you think you have a talent in music waxed inside you, you should give YouTube a try. As long as there are a number of talented and gifted singers who make use of YouTube, music executives do need to worry about budding some new star icons from the web. Let me share the story of Arnel Pined here.

Before the year 2007, he used to perform at various nightclubs in Hong Kong, Philippines and at some other places. It can also be said that still he would have been performing in those clubs, if his friend had not posted his performance videos on YouTube. The famous band, Journey, at those times was in search of a new lead singer. So they finally found what they were exactly in search for. Yet again, it can be said that Arnel was indeed lucky, as in order to find a diamond like him from the rough, sifting through thousands and thousands of stupid music videos is indeed required.

Finding some success through YouTube is not limited for Musicians only. Even the average people can also make use of it for the sake of getting a worldwide attention. Another example here is of Megan Parken who used to post her video tutorials about makeup, fashion and other related stuff at the time she was about to go in the 8th grade. Her videos were able to receive nearly 100,000 views on a daily basis. By making use of YouTube’s partner program and through advertisements of various companies, she was able to generate a great deal of fame as well as money. So, in the end it can be stated that YouTube can surely turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you, if you can dare to post your talent on it.


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Liza Pattrick is a freelance entertainment writer and a music journalist. She works as content strategist for Tickets Move and she also contributes regularly on leading music and entertainment blogs. 

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