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Hartford Denim Company outlet store: A charming rabbit hole in the bowels of early 20th century

Hartford Denim Company just celebrated the grand opening of their new outlet store located on 30 Bartholomew Ave., Hartford, CT. The clothing mavens, Marshall Deming, Dave Marcoux and Luke Davis, had decided to open this second location away from its store on Arbor Street in Downtown Hartford to answer rising demand and to clear their shelves. This new location located in the South end of Hartford’s Parkville area, is another one of the cities old relics that represents a manufacturing past we’ve long forgotten. These are the very places the HTFD Denim boys have grown fond of.

As I entered down into what seemed to be the basement of this old-fashioned building, I instantly felt as if I’ve traveled back in time — into the early 20th Century to be exact. Greeting me at the door was two long tables covered with denim jeans; the walls were filled with a mixture of handmade denim shirts, second hand odds, tote bags, hand spun hats, boots, and of course, more jeans.

These guys have come a long way from the old Pratt Street days in downtown (the company’s first ever spot). Less than two years ago, HTFD Denim was a young company buzzing on the local NPR radio station, then they got their first taste of the Big Apple showing up on Project New York. That hunger ultimately resulted in the company recently landing a collaborative deal with Timberland.

When I ran into Marshall Deming (approximately 2pm), he told me that 10 pair of jeans had already been sold. And the doors were only open since 11am. It felt good to know support for a local clothing business was strong and vibrant. All of this without any mass media effort, just word of mouth, and simple mass emailing to close friends and fans.

“Imagine being on the set of Saw the movie, that’s the best way I can describe the mood and setting.”

Touring the new spot I seen some more “vintage clothing” and random second hand odds found on hangers throughout the outlet store. The outlet store also housed all sorts of artifacts, tools and weaponry (field knives, hatchets, hammers, etc.) either laid on top of tables or hung up on walls. Imagine being on the set of Saw the movie, that’s the best way I can describe the mood and setting.

If you’re into steampunk, you’ll like this store.

In the end, the Hartford Denim Company did what they do best and that’s stay true to themselves and their followers with the launch of this new outlet store. Jeans is the bread and butter, and from what I’ve seen the guys have stepped things up with variety of designs. My only criticism is how most jeans are constructed, as they don’t really fit well for guys with a little junk in the back, or as my mom would say: “some ass.” Other than that, I definitely recommend visiting the new outlet store; the guys are more than generous and they are easily accessible in answering any questions.

Please take the time to check out the beautiful photos we shot below


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