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Adobe announces bunch of Android apps, including Photoshop Touch

This has been an incredible week for Adobe, the software maker not only announced its acquisitions of Nitobi and Typekit, but unveiled its suite of Adobe Touch apps for all Android Honeycomb tablets. These apps allow users to perform sophisticated design, editing, and generally creative tasks on the go.

The most intriguing part to Adobe’s new group of apps is Photoshop Touch, which basically is Photoshop on a tablet. The app allows for layer control, blending modes, curves adjustments, and almost everything you’ve come to expect from its desktop counterpart. Why is this so cool you ask? Well, users will have the ability to snatch photos from not just their slate’s camera, but Facebook or Google Plus.

Here’s a quick list describing each app below:

Adobe Collage is a tool which lets users capture and refine concepts by combining inspirational images, drawings, text, and files from select Adobe Creative Suite components into modern, conceptual moodboards. It is possible to refine the result of Collage with Photoshop.

Adobe Debut is the app for the business professional, who wants to discuss the process during a design project with a client and a creative team.

Adobe Ideas seems to be the tablet version of Illustrator, it is a vector-based  drawing application that can be operated  by using a stylus or finger. Just like in Illustrator, the artwork can be built using separate layers, ad the final file is accessible from Photoshop or Illustrator.

Adobe Kuler allows the quick and snappy creation of color themes, as well as the ability to share color themes and search for new ones in the Kuler database.

Adobe Proto lets professionals easily build websites and mobile apps story boards and interactive prototypes using their fingers. This allows the use of a handy grid system to make design and creation that much simpler.

All in all, Adobe has really ramped up its services as of late, and I’m sure Adobe Touch Apps will be received pretty well once its released to all Android devices in November 2011. iOS’ers need not worry, an availability announcement is expected in early 2012. Each app will set you back $9.99, which isn’t that bad.


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