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Rumor: Google’s Blogger brand will stay as is

Hold off on Blogger’s funeral reception for a second. According to GigaOm, a source familiar with Google’s Blogger division told the tech site that contrary to web rumors, the search giant has no plans to send the Blogger brand on its way.

This comes to somewhat of a surprise considering what we thought we knew a few days ago. GigaOm’s report seems to contradict Mashable’s rumor; which had Google retiring Picasa and Blogger brands in wake of Google Photos and Google Blogs — unifying both in effort to boost its new golden child, Google+.

If you’re lost out there let me get you up to speed. In Mashable’s report, a source told them the transition from Picasa and Blogger to Google Photos and Google Blogs will occur “in a month to a month and a half.” The date aligns with the likely public launch of Google+. Mashable was also told to expect the public debut of Google+ on or before July 31 and the the date is significant because it’s the day all private Google Profiles will be deleted.

As always, we should take every rumor with a grain of salt. I this situation it turns out both reports were unable to get any word from Google themselves. So until the search giant breaks its silence and tells all of us what’s really going on — we’ll just have to hold are judgements and stay tuned.

I don’t think it would be a bad move to unify both brands into Google Plus as long as the brand names stay. Maybe Google is silent because it doesn’t know exactly what it’s going to do, but improving Plus with its other popular brands is Goog’s main objective for the time being.

What do you guys think? Should Google consolidate both the Picasa and Blogger brands into Google Photos and Google Blogs? Or should Google keep their hands off these popular brands, by keeping things the way they are? Be my guest and sound off in the comment section below!

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